The first step.

I went to Costa Rica for a friend’s wedding in February. The Monday I returned to work, I quit my job. It sounds far more romantic and whimsical than it was. In reality, I’d been thinking about it for a while….blah, blah, blah…to be young and free…blah…I’ll be working my whole life…and so I did it. Five minute conversation, two weeks notice, a handful of barely 8-hour days, a few too many celebrations, and voila, I’m unemployed.

Rather than move on and find another job, I decided if there ever is a time, it’s now. So off I go alone to South America for just shy of 4 months. I really would have liked to buy a one-way ticket, but other parties weren’t too keen on that idea. I am learning to compromise. At least so much as a decision to leave the country for that long can be considered one.

Now the planning has begun, which is looking to be a slippery slope. I need enough detail to optimize my time and not miss out on something amazing, yet not enough to drive me crazy and occupy all my time. Work in progress.